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UD106 Universal Dim Module

6 x 300 VA

General Specification

EAE KNX Universal Dimmer Actuator has dimming functions which can be used by phase dimming only.
The device can be operated manually via push button over enclosure. Each channel can be
programmed via ETS5. UD104 has 4 independent channels and 2 channel grouping features. UD106
has 6 independent channels and 3 channel grouping features.

Channel features of dimming actuator;

• Staircase lighting
• Forced Operation
• Channel Grouping (merging outputs for higher power loads)
• Scene Function
• Electrical Measurements (Voltage)
• Error Detection (Load Error, Short-Circuit, Over-current, Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Over-heating )

All features can be used separately or together. Please consider that those features will be processed
depending on priority. Bus voltage fails and returns behavior can be set via ETS configuration.


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