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EAE Group of Companies; started it's journey within the electricity sector in 1973 as the EAE Electric Company, which was located in Güngören.  With the increase in production capacity, the manufacturing was later transferred to the modern factory in ikitelli in 1995.  In 2007, with the new establishments and operations of their manufacturing plants located in Esenyurt, helped enhance the growth of production space.

All the companies within the EAE Group are established with 100% domestic capital, and the development of the products is carried out by the AR-GE departments located within the companies.

The EAE Group which empowers itself with its expert staff in each field; providing employment for 2,500 people, is one of the leading companies in the electrical products market in Turkey.

EAE Group carries out its production activities in accordance with the ISO 9001 system quality standard, as well as the ISO 14001 environmental standard. The conformity of the electrical products produced within the world standards, has been documented as a result of the tests made by KEMA and CESI laboratories.

EAE Group carries on its activities in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standards. Conformance of manufactured electrical products to the world standards is certified as a result of the tests conducted by KEMA and CESI laboratories. In addition to all these, we substantiate our innovative line of vision and your confidence on our enterprise with over 30 patents, over 300 brands and over 100 industrial designs.


EAE Group started its journey in the electricity industry in the factory located in Güngören when EAE Elektrik A.Ş. was established in 1973. As a result of the increasing demand for output capacity, production was moved to a modern facility in İkitelli in 1995. In 2001, the factories located in Esenyurt were put into operation, which substantially increased its production area.




EAE Elektrik

EAE Electric, the original company of the EAE Group, was established in 1973. EAE Electric products include: Busbar Power Distribution Systems,
Lighting Busbar Systems, Underfloor Ducting Systems, Trolley Busbar Systems, Fit-Out Solutions, Cable Trays, Support Systems
EAE Lighting

EAE Lighting, a member of the EAE Group which is among the world''s leading manufacturers in the electro-mechanics industry, was established in 1982. EAE Lighting products include: Energy-saving Industrial Lighting Solutions, Energy-saving Office Lighting Products, Architectural and Store Lighting Systems, Energy-saving Street Lighting Products
EAE Elektroteknik

EAE Electrotechnical, a member of the EAE Group which is among the world''s leading manufacturers in the electro-mechanics industry, was established in 2004. EAE Electrotechnical products include Low Voltage Electric Panel (PanelMaster), Low Voltage Electric Cabinet (E-Kabin)
EAE Machinery

EAE Machinery was established in 1996. EAE Machinery produces Flat Steel Press Automation Systems and Roll Form Systems. With more than 16 years experience EAE Machinery has been the forerunner in the application of advanced technology to machinery equipment production.
EAE Italy

With its main office located in Milan, EAE is a 100% owned subsidiary of EAE Elektrik A.Ş. having 18 local dealers in Italy which market and sell the products of EAE Group. As a result of the close working relationship with EAE Group and the training received, the Italian personnel in EAE ITALIA Srl. transfers EAE''s corporate culture to the Italian market.
EAE Germany

EAE Germany GmbH; part of EAE Group, one of the prominent manufacturers in electromechanics industry, established in 2019 following EAE Russia in 2013 and EAE Italia in 2007.
EAE Australia

EAE Australia is a part of EAE Group, a world leading manufacturer of energy distribution systems. EAE Group exports its solutions to more than 100 countries. In Australia, EAE began its operations in 2017 providing innovative solutions to the data center industry with a dedicated team of engineers. Since then it has expanded its offering to projects such as airports, metros, hospitals, industrial facilities, high-rise buildings, shopping centers and major infrastructure developments.

EAE USA Inc. was established in 2019 and is the EAE Group company responsible for the sale of all EAE Group products in the United States of America.

EAE USA Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EAE Group headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. EAE USA Inc. has dedicated sales and operations personnel committed to providing excellent service and support to our customers throughout the United States of America.
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