Company Policy

EAE Technology;

Considers the continual protection of the environment and the improvement of its conditions as its primary duty.

Knows that the international prestige of the EAE brand is raised in value with the efforts of all its employees, and adopts every employee as a member of the EAE family.

By continuously increasing the product quality based on to the current requirements, prioritizes ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Sees Information Assets as respect for their employees, suppliers and customers and ensures that information is clean, secure and accessible by managing all kinds of risks

Produces energy-friendly lighting fixtures and while performing this production, ensures energy efficiency by making the necessary monitoring and measurement regarding energy use, energy consumption and energy targets.


- Raises the environmental performance of all its products continuously during the production and after-sales process and raises awareness of its employees to reduce environmental risks.

- Carries out the necessary work to protect existing natural resources, and recycle and minimize the waste.

- Completely and continuously fulfills current legal obligations that concern the company, and adheres to contracts.

- Is transparent in all its practices and open to the public knowledge

- Provides all resources necessary to protect employees’ physical and mental health and integrity, and takes all foreseeable precautions to allow them to work in safe environments.

- Increases knowledge and awareness of employees about Integrated Management Systems through continuous training programs and ensures that employees are actively involved in the implementation and continuous development of the system.

- Prepares necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of employees in emergency and abnormal situations.

- Continuously increases the quality of service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

- Works together to raise the quality levels of suppliers.

- Provides optimal use by determining the welding needs.

- Fulfils the requirements of the Integrated Management Systems it established and continuously improves it.

- Evaluate the risks that may threaten the information assets and takes measures and determines the business strategies in this respect.

- Provides necessary infrastructure and takes necessary security precautions in order to ensure uninterrupted continuity of the information services used in the performance of our corporate activities and the access to personal and private data only by authorized persons.

Regards corporate information, personal information of the staff, customer data (financial data, person information...) as valuable and critical and fulfills the requirements of all applicable laws under integrated management systems.

- Optimizes energy use by continuously improving the energy performance of Specific Energy Users and Energy Management System within the organization.

– By following new technologies and clean (renewable) energy sources, considers energy-friendly designs that consume less energy and improving energy performance in investments.

– Provides Energy efficient products and services in purchasing activities.

– By continuously controlling the energy expenditure per unit of production, monitors its performance and ensures improvement without causing a decrease in production quality and quantity.

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