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Simple Touch, Advanced Control...

Extendable up to 4 folds, switches on Oria thermostats can be programmed to control lighting, shutter/blind drivers, speakers, make scene calls and mimic panic buttons.

Oria switches are offered in four different colours: Antique, Pearl White, Mustang gray and Anthracite

General Specifications

Monitoring climate via digital LCD

Internal temperature sensor (°C/ °F)

Adjustable fan speed (1, 2, 3, Automatic)

Multiple operation modes (Comfort, Night, Outdoor, Indoor)

Fully automatic operation feature (hot-cold transition)

Ability to control different HVAC units including VRF-VRV

PI relative, PI on-off (PWM), On/Off, Fan coil, Split unit

Installation ability to 60x60 mm standard switch junctions

2 dependent or 4 independent programmable buttons for various functions:

  • Switching
  • Dimming
  • Shutter/Blind control
  • Value and priority assignment
  • Scene control
  • Status notification LEDs

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