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LC200 Line Coupler

KNX Line Coupler

LC200 is able to filter the traffic according to the installation place in the bus system hierarchy or according to the built in filter tables for group oriented communication

General Specifications

The EAE LC200 Line Coupler connects two KNX segments (for example, a KNX line with a KNX area). It has a very compact design.

The device has a filter table (8K bytes) for main group 0..31 and ensures a galvanic isolation between the lines.

The coupler supports KNX longframes and is compatible with the ETS® software (ETS4.2 or higher).

The buttons on the front panel allow disabling the telegram filter for testing purposes.

The LEDs indicate the operating status and communication errors on the bus.

The power is supplied via the KNX bus (main line).