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IPI200 IP Interface

KNXnet/IP Connections

EAE KNX IP interface supports the tunneling protocol and provides a data connection between the upper
KNXnet/IP and the lower TP KNX bus line.

General Specifications

The device supports 5 simultaneous KNXnet/IP Tunneling connections.

The IPI200 has a width of only 1 module (18 mm) and is powered by the KNX bus.

The device is an interface between IP and KNX and can be used as programming interface for ETS® Software. (ETS3 or higher)

You can access the KNX Bus from every point of your LAN.

The IP address can be obtained by a DHCP server or by manual configuration (ETS) respectively.

The buttons and LEDs on the device allow a local diagnosis including the operating status and communication errors.