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HLC103 - Hotel Logic Controller

HLC device enables active/passive lighting, air conditioning, curtain shutters and sockets in the room without using cardholder at guest room entrances. When the guest exits the room, all the desired lighting, wall outlet, curtain shutters and air conditioning system will turn off as defined by the company for energy saving purposes. These scenarios can be changed remotely by company.

General Specifications

  • When the guest is not in the room, it guarantees energy saving without using the cardholder (energy saver)
  • 4 separate scenarios are operated. HLC pre-welcome, welcome, leave and check-out
  • The hotel room has logic functions designed specifically for business needs.
  • Scenarios defined in the room can be changed from the center with GRMS software.
  • It can respond to any configuration in the room through to, motion/presence sensor and glass / balcony switch input
  • It has 3 dry contact inputs on it.
  • Does not require an external power supply